since 1956,

In 1956, MASTON Elevator was founded in Hamburg, Germany. With advanced elevator technology and manufacturing technology, it quickly became a professional supplier of safe elevators on the Rhine. As a result,MASTON Elevator has set its sights on the global brand with the goal of a century-old brand.

MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture invested by the internationally renowned brand Germany Maston Elevator GmbH and China Lingde Technology Group (formerly Kaida Ling Holding Group) elevator subsidiary. The German joint venture Maston Elevator GmbH is located in the industrial zone of Hamburg, Germany. The company has a long history, with world-class elevator research and development center, industry-leading technical level and management system, international advanced production equipment and process tooling, design and manufacture of elevators and elevators. Accessories are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. China's joint venture Fangling Technology Group (formerly Kaida Ling Holding Group) is a domestic specialized machinery manufacturing group integrating elevators, elevator parts, construction machinery and three-dimensional parking equipment. It has more than 20 years of elevator manufacturing and service. history. The cooperation between the two parties has fully utilized Germany's advanced R&D technology, high-quality core components, strict management system, and China's strong hardware strength, excellent human resources, and perfect service network, and has rapidly grown into an industry leading brand.

The company has a registered capital of 38.85 million US dollars and a total investment of more than 56 million US dollars. The factory covers an area of more than 360 acres, and the modern elevator production workshop of 140,000 square meters is bright and tidy. The nearly 100-meter elevator test tower towers into the sky. The modern office building of 6000 square meters is dignified and elegant, and the 10,000-square-meter staff living area is warm and homely.

The company strictly implements GB7588-2003 (including XG1-2015 No. 1 modification) (equivalent to European standard EN81-1) and GB16899 (equivalent to European standard EN115) national standard; obtains national special equipment A-level manufacturing license and national special Equipment A-level installation maintenance and transformation license; and passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification; is a high-tech enterprise, energy-saving environmental certification company; Received AAA-level corporate credit. He has won many national and provincial honorary awards and has many national patents; he holds the registered trademark applied by the State Trademark Office.

Research and development:A large number of experienced high-quality design and development talents, combined with advanced technology and electronic information systems, use and learn German cutting-edge technology, and develop elevator products that can fully meet the various needs of users.

Manufacturing:Many skilled technicians are equipped with precision CNC laser cutting machine, underwater plasma cutting machine, multi-station CNC punching machine, 400-ton CNC bending machine, automatic welding machine, automatic spraying line, intelligent robot production line and other first-class machines. The equipment, as well as the introduction of international advanced German tooling procedures, allows us to have sophisticated and complete elevator and elevator parts manufacturing capabilities.

Service:MASTON Elevators are the world's first 3T service plan. Thorough (attentive), for your sake in the details; Timely (in time), in time for the crisis to serve you; Total (full), in the service to do everything.

1uality:Fully adhering to the cutting-edge technology and excellent quality of Germany's Maston Elevator GmbH, advanced management system and superb manufacturing process, 32-bit microcomputer control system designed and developed by the world's leading German Maston Elevator GmbH, advanced frequency conversion system, stable and reliable With door machine systems, energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive systems, we are able to provide safe and reliable high quality elevator products.

After years of development, the company has made a qualitative leap and is moving fast toward higher goals. We have a nationwide sales and service network, and continue to expand and expand. We have sales and after-sales service in dozens of countries around the world, and sell brand elevators to developed regions such as Europe, America and Japan, and South Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our brand promotion is developing step by step: long-term promotion in professional magazines and newspapers, high-speed large-scale road sign advertising, and constantly increasing the brand awareness of the company; in 2007, participated in the Turkish Middle East Elevator Exhibition, and in 2008, the European Elevator Exhibition in Munich, Germany The global market has laid a solid foundation. In 2008, the company participated in the China International Elevator Exhibition for the first time in a high-profile manner. Through the display of its strength, it has gained wide attention from the industry and recognition of the market, especially the self-developed door-to-door machine room panoramic sightseeing elevator. At the same time, it has won wide acclaim from outside the industry. In the 2010 China International Elevator Exhibition, the company's “Full-automatic Elevator Simulation Operation Platform” won the “Top Ten Highlights” and “The Most Advanced R&D Achievements” at the 2010 International Elevator Exhibition: the operation platform can achieve vertical within 64 layers. The elevator links the control cabinet, the main engine, the car, the door machine and the signal system in the factory, and inputs the on-site civil construction parameters, which can be operated by the express train. In 2016, MASTON Elevator was invited to attend the “China-South Africa High-Tech Exhibition” held in Johannesburg, South Africa, which further consolidated the good foundation for non-pragmatic cooperation.

The nationwide 24-hour free service hotline 400-659-0900 provides you with a full range of services. "Integrity, quality, energy saving, continuous innovation" is the core of MASTON elevator enterprise culture; "Customer first, service first" is MASTON's commitment to customers forever. MASTON Elevator will continue to adhere to the rigorous working attitude of Germany and adhere to the principle of “scientific research and development, environmental protection and humanized service”, and promise to provide customers with safer, more comfortable and more reliable vertical mobile space!