Hospital Elevator

In the design prooess of the MASTON hospital elevator,give ful oonsideration to the specfic requrements of the hospital.It reves on advanced drive and oontrol system,precise control of elevator running speed,the minimum possible running tine between the layers at the same time,greatly improve the operabon eficency,and make the elevator running safe,smooth and comfortable,It can also easily place mecdical equipment provide more convenience for medical staff,and create a safe and comfortable ladder space.

Suspended oeling: spray steel plate,LED lighting
Car wals: hairline stainless steel
Handrail: fiat stainless steel handrail
Platfo: PVC
Car door: hairtline stainless steel


Special operaton panel for disabled persons (special for bamer-free funcions)


Flat stainless steel handrail

Barrier-free functions

MASTON elevators dedicated to create equality of bamier-free space for incdude the needs of the disabled people in elevator design,in addlition to printing braile on the buttons,the operation panel in the car adopts horizontal mounting mode and highly humanized seting,which is very convenient for the use of disabled people and does not affect the use of ordinary passengers.

Voice broadcast station function

This function adopts the high-speed processor as the control oore,and calculates the running state of the elevator through the dualinfrared technology.The system has stable perfomance and can accurately report the loor.

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