1. 2000~2010
  2. 2010~2020
  • 2004

    · Joint venture with MASTON of Gemany to establish MASTON Elevator (Zhejang)Co,Ltd.

  • 2005

    · The first phase of the Zhejiang Haining producton base was completed and put into operation.

    · Obtained the naional special equipment Alevel manufacturing icense and specialequipment A-level installation and maintenance transformation pemit

    · Passed ISO9001:2000 intemational quality management system certificaion

  • 2006

    · Won the honorary title of “Energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing advanced enterprise” in 2006

    · Become a company with a sales value of over 100 million yuan in 2006

    · Became the production and sales in 2006, profit and tax winners

    · Won the national "AAA quality integrity member"

    · Received the honorary title of “Chinese and foreign famous brands”

    · The 70-meter-high elevator test tower was completed and put into use.

  • 2007

    · Became the 2007 profit and tax increase winner

    · Received the honorary title of “Energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing advanced enterprise” in 2007

    · Passed ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification

    · Passed GB/T218001:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

    · Successfully participated in the German International Elevator Exhibition

    · MASTON elevator successfully entered the European, American, Asian and Asian markets

  • 2008

    · Became the three winners of energy saving and efficiency increase, industrial production investment and profit and tax increase in 2008

    · Successfully registered with the National Trademark Office

    · Successfully participated in the 2008 China International Elevator Exhibition

    · Awarded the honorary title of “2007 AAA Credit Enterprise”

    · Was named "industrial economic development star enterprise"

    · The first national agent conference was held on the shore of XIZI Lake

  • 2009

    · The second phase of the Zhejiang Haining Production Base was completed and put into operation.

    · Appraised as “2008 Enterprise Credit Rating AAA”, adhere to the principle of integrity management

    · National New Market Expansion Conference was held on the shore of XIZI Lake

    · German MASTON technical team conducts new technical training for company technicians

  • 2010

    · The third national sales conference was held in Beijing

    · Successfully participated in the 2010 China International Elevator Exhibition

    · Manston Elevator Institute was established

    · Successfully rated as high-tech enterprise

    · Received the honorary title of “Jiaxing Famous Brand Product”

  • 2011

    · The 4th National Agent Conference was held in the Haining Leather City area

    · Obtained national energy-saving product certification

    · Received the honor of “Top Ten Brands in China's Elevator Industry”

    · Received the honorary title of “Industrial Economic Development Star Enterprise”

    · Two engineers in the R&D department of the company won the title of “10. One hundred thousand engineering knowledge type”

    · Was rated as “2010 Corporate Credit Rating AAA”

  • 2012

    · Company direcdors and execuives go to MASTON,Gemary for a strategic meetng

    · Became Haining Enterprise Technology Research Center

    · MASTON Elevator Research and Development Buikding begins constucion

    · Received the honorary tte of "Haining Cly Labor Relations Hamonious Advanced Enterprise"

    · Was rated as "2011 anmual credt rating AAA"

  • 2014

    · MST brand elevator products become China's green environmental protection brand

    · MASTON Elevator Research and Development Building completed and integrated into the office

    · Zhejiang famous brand products

    · Acquired three levels of safety production standardization

  • 2015

    · 98m new test tower completed and put into use

    · MST receives E-level certification for elevator energy efficiency certification

    · Zhejiang Province Intelectual Property Second Prize,Third Prize and other honors

    · Acquired the third prze of the National Intellectual Property (Elevator Industry) Competition

  • 2016

    · New medical elevator car developed and won national petent

    · MST obtained high tech enterprise certificate

    · Ivited to attend the "China South Africa High-Tech ESxhibiton Exchange Conference'held in Johannesburg,South Africa.

    · Futher consoidtating a good foundation for non pragmatic cooperation

    · Haining famous trademark

    · Prowincial Soience and Technology Center Enterprise Honor

    · Jaxing R&D Center

  • 2017

    · Relying on the national "Belt and Road"to expand overseas markets, the first project of the Dhama Island project in Brunei Darussalam

    · Invested in the development of elevator Intemet applications, human biotechnology applications, etc

    · National production patents for many production methocds or processes such as automatic flanging of elevator door heads

    · Abiding by the contract and re-crediting A-level enterprises

  • 2018

    · Further deepen the strategy of the Geman MASTON brand and increase the investment in research and development of "adding elevators"Create a new era of adding elevators to exising buidings in China

    · Obtain passenger elevator CE certification

    · Credit rating AAA

    · Product innovation, fingerprints,face recognition,mobile phones,Intemet applications etc,MASTON elevators enter the Tntemet t"era

  • 2019

    · We are reating a higher level of glory.