MASTON moving walkway strictly implements the German MASTON technical management standard, design innovation, strict production, no need to meet the various aspects of up and down operation, and can transport shopping carts or luggage and other items, simple and practical, as if in a comfortable and comfortable time and space tunnel, It is a beautiful landscape of large public places such as airports, supermarkets, shopping centers and exhibition centers.


  • Safe,safe and reliable

    The anti-slip groove on the surface of the pedal has good anti-slip perfomance,which makes the nide safe and comfortable.The extremely smal angle of the comb alows the shopping cart to easily enter and exit the sidewalk.The short pedal is direcly connected to the conveyor chain,and the moving wallkway runs quieter and more smoothly,and the product maintenanoe is more convenient.
  • Colorful,picking multiple

    Handrais are avalable in a varnety of styes to meet the indvidual needs of diferent environments.The stamped pattem front panel is beautiful and has a three dimensional effect. The inner and outer cover plates are made of high quality stainless steel,which greaty improves the perfomance of the product and prolongs the lfe cyle of the whole machine.The direct effect is to reduce the operating oost of the customer.
  • Exquisite,saving valuable space

    The fish bely-type short pedal greatly reduces the space span,makes the structure of the whole machine more compact, and can flexibly adapt to the building pattem,saving customers valuable building space.
  • Firm,running from start to finish

    The use of frequency conversion function will save energy and energy,while the outdoor moving wallkway can be used in various dimatic conditions, Whether it is windy or rainy,we are aways at your side.

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