Passenger Elevator

Through careful research and design, we strive to improve the safety, convenience and comfort of ladder riding,
The flexible use of humanized elevator rechnology can truly achieve the realization of the German noble quality of the perfect elevator enjoyment.
  1. Machine-roomless Passenger Elevator
  2. Small Machine Room Passenger Elevator

Machine-roomless Passenger Elevator

The MASTON Machine-roomless Passenger Elevator solution integrates the elevator control cabinet and the traction machine inside the hoistway, greatly improving space utilization and building utilization while perfecting The combination of advanced drive technology and control technology makes the operation smooth and comfortable. It is suitable for high-rise, small high-rise residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, etc.

  • Free design

    The smal and uitra-thin control carinet is naturaly integrated into the well,pertectly releasing the machine room space,making the architectural design more free.

  • Fast installation

    The design of no machine room can effectively improve the eficiency of elevator installation and shorten the installation time, thus speeding up the construction speed and saving money.

  • To optimize the space

    The precise combination of the elevator components and the decoration surface can effectively simplify the interior structure of the car and beautify the car environment,so that the limited space of modem elevator can exert infinite tension.

Small Machine Room Passenger Elevator

With its mature technology and classic design, MASTON small machine room ladder has excellent performance in terms of running performance, safety function, structural design, energy saving and consumption reduction. It can be widely used in modern buildings such as residential buildings, office buildings and hotels.

  • Smooth and quiet

    Lower motor speed can reduce the elevator noise while making the elevalor run more smoothly. VWVF varnable voltage variable frequency speed regulation ensures the elevator operation curve is more reasonable and the leveling is more acourate.

  • Compact structure

    The machine room becomes an exdension of the shalt The machine room area is 40% smaller than the traditbonal traction elevator,which can reduoe the comprehensive use cost of the building

  • To optimize the space

    The whole structure is opimized so that both the top height and the botom pit depth are greatly recduced at the same time,and the well space can be utblized to the maximum.

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