MASTON escalators introduce aviation product design patterns, advanced energy-saving technologies and
international-level manufacturing processes, enabling customers of different occasions to enjoy the stability, safety, precision and comfort.


  • Humanity,enjoy the peace of mind

    The pertect coordination of pepple,ladders and buildings not only highilghts the noboleness of your ride,but also highlights the beautiful"bridge" of the building.The function of the step safely reminder area,the safety apron brush and the optional apron armrest lighting are not only individual but also natural.
  • Outstanding detail,carrying strength

    Using advanoed design and development methods,we design a reliable highy strength square tube truss and become a powerul am of the entire product Antb bacdkup,anti-fracture,disc brakes and other muli-protection funcions,not only meet the latest national standards,but also for every safety detal of passengers
  • Safe,not afraid of environmental challenges

    At the foot of every passenger,the core eaqipment of highprecision drive reduction gear,variable frequency oontrol and shock-absorbing roler is eqipped,which is free from the inuence of the exdemal ervironment and always carries the accouracy and eficiency to let you rest assured.

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