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Elevator maintenance and commitment

Experienced and well-trained maintenance personnel

The company's elevator maintenance personnel have been trained in professional technology, holding elevator maintenance and inspection personnel to work. Most of them have been engaged in elevator maintenance for many years and have considerable work experience. In order to ensure the quality of work, the company's professional and technical personnel have carefully studied various types of elevator technical data to ensure that in the shortest time, it can be found and eliminated in the shortest time.

Reliable quality assurance system

Through long-term elevator maintenance work practice and implementation of the overall quality management concept, the company has gradually formed an effective maintenance system.

For the quality of maintenance, we implement multi-channel control. That is, after the maintenance personnel perform maintenance or maintenance, the use unit signs and approves the contents of the maintenance; the company conducts irregular inspections according to the “elevator maintenance quality inspection item list”; and the user fills in the “maintenance and maintenance receipt”. Management means to assess and ensure the quality of maintenance.

We provide users with 24-hour all-weather service, arrive at the scene within half an hour of fault repair, and handle the accident in a timely manner. According to the distribution of elevator users, special maintenance points are set up to ensure the smooth communication and the timely processing of accidents.

We will gain the trust of users with excellent service.

Offers discounted service and spare parts

The company relies on the favorable conditions for the manufacture of elevators by the head office and the long-term supply channels for elevator parts, ensuring the supply of accessories for elevator maintenance, so that the elevator equipment during the maintenance period is normal. Maintain the rights and interests of users on the basis of integrity and fairness. We will take the enterprise tenet of "Sincerely to establish a letter, quality to enter the industry", and do our best in the spirit of customer first, reputation first.

Maintenance commitment

In the field of elevator industry, we take technological innovation as the driving force and actively introduce advanced technology and concepts from abroad to provide advanced and comfortable elevators and reliable safety guarantees to the society. We pay attention to perfect after-sales service.

Daily maintenance: Send professional personnel to inspect, adjust and lubricate the equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Regular inspection: Check and maintain twice a month for free during the warranty period. Timely troubleshooting: Free replacement of non-human-damaged parts during the warranty period. This type of service is available 24 hours a day. Lifetime paid maintenance is provided outside the warranty period. Ensure that spare parts and consumables are provided and that the original products are guaranteed to meet the normal operation of the equipment.

Provide refurbishment services and inspections before the annual inspection.

The 24-hour service hotline will be opened to promptly transfer the customer's needs to the relevant service department, so as to respond quickly and solve the customer's urgent needs. After receiving the call, the driver usually arrives at the scene no later than 45 minutes.