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The fusion of health and art demonstrates the green conoept of new era Humanized life enjoyment,
more scientific intelligent experienceMST elevator Care about your travel security and give you more comfortable enjoyment
Main features of steel belt household ladder

Smooth operation, low noise, energy saving, environmental protection and no pollution, and low floor and pit space requirements

Special Household Steel BelitTraction Machine

Light weight, low support for well support

Small size and less space

Brake built-in, lower noise

Top level height requires low traction machine

Special Household Steel Belt

The steel strip is a linen core that replaces the traditional steel wire rope with polyurethane and wraps the steel wire strands that are re-flattened.

It is composed of high-tech new wear-resistant materials and has a flat design to increase the contact area and greatly improve the friction.

The outer layer of polymer material is wrapped, closed structure, no rust, no oil leakage

The steel belt has a low vibration amplitude, making it more gentle and comfortable

Longer service life than traditional wire ropes and maintenance-free for life

Nearly 20% lighter than traditional wire ropes, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly

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