Regarding the full implementation of the MASTON WeChat public platform

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2015-12-04 

In order to adapt to the new situation of modern information dissemination, we will use all kinds of new network publicity platforms, broaden the company's information dissemination channels, further expand the company's reputation and reputation, establish a good external image, and build well-known brands. Recently, MASTON elevators have Open the WeChat public platform and release information synchronously with the main website of MASTON elevator.

As a MASTON person, it is our unshirkable duty and obligation to know, understand and pass MASTON “positive energy”. Especially the current international and domestic economic situation is undergoing profound changes, and our company is also at a critical period in history. Everyone collects firewood and high flames. Every power of every MASTON person is the internal driving force and source of the company's development, and will play an important role in the company's future innovation and development.

Here, we encourage all employees and friends to actively pay attention to the WeChat public number of MASTON, pick up your mobile phone, and use your "friends" and "share" powers to "build a lot of miles and build a river." "To promote the MASTON elevator development and work together!"

Two ways to pay attention immediately: 1. Scan the QR code: Open WeChat → click “Discover” → Sweep the QR code below → click “Follow”. 2. Add friends: Open WeChat → click “Contacts” → Add friends → Find WeChat public account Maston-elevator → Click “Follow”.