MASTON Elevator 2015 “Circle of Xianghu Lake”

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2015-12-02 

Walking on the banks of Xianghu, far away from the hustle and the smog, the forest of the forest is full of dyes, and the chasing of the clouds is really refreshing. Xianghu is known as the “Sister Lake” of Hangzhou West Lake because of its beautiful scenery. On November 28th, in order to fully demonstrate the spirit of the staff of Manston Elevator, to inspire the morale of employees and enhance the cohesiveness of employees, the trade unions and offices organized the outdoor outing activities of “Huaxiang Lake Yixing”, with more than 70 departments of the company. The staff participated enthusiastically.

In the early morning of the day, facing the first sunshine, everyone was ready to go, breathing fresh air, warm sunshine shining on everyone's face, all of them were so excited, the employees on the road were all energetic, wide on the elevated road. Carrying a bus full of laughter and laughter.

The starting point of the Xiangxiang Lake Yixing is the Xianglifang Tourist Service Center, a quaint archway building surrounded by mountains and magnificent. All employees take photos here. Before the departure, the captain carefully described the rules and precautions of the Lake Tour. In order to enrich the fun of the event, the employees who completed the Yixing route within the specified time can obtain the commemorative prizes for encouragement. Shun Yue Wang Road walks along the lakeside trail, after passing over the Feilong Bridge, passing through the Chengshan boat raft (Chengshan Huaigu Memorial Square), Hehuazhuang, across the lake bridge across Xianghu, and finally along Xianghu Road to the Yixing route. The end point - "Hushan Square", about 5 kilometers in total, enjoy the surprise and beauty brought by nature.

On the way, the ruins of the Yuewang City, which was passed by the Xianghu Mountain in the middle of the city, has a history of more than 2,500 years. It is an important military castle of the Goujian squadron against Wu, and witnessed the historical situation of “rewarding and daring”, the best preserved ancient City wall ruins. In the end, all the employees successfully completed the “Yi Xing” mission, and entered Chinese food at the Hushan Food Court at noon, so that the slightly hard journey was full of laughter and laughter.

In the afternoon, we visited the Cross Lake Bridge Site Museum, a thematic museum that comprehensively reflects the archaeological excavations and research results of the cross-lake bridge site. The exhibition area consists of the “Eight Millennium” exhibition and the Site Protection Hall. The overall shape of the ship. Here, I witnessed the earliest "boat" in the well-preserved history. From the board to the "boat" or "ship", I have to admire the wisdom and historical evolution of the ancestors. There is also a kiln celadon exhibition, a piece of porcelain is either complete or broken, but it is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancestors. Everyone took pictures and remembered, and from time to time came the sound of praise!

The outdoor Yixing outing activities not only invigorated the amateur cultural life of the employees, but also strengthened the communication between the employees, enhanced the cohesiveness of the enterprises, and enabled the employees to relax in the intense work and exercise their physical strength. Perseverance, so that every employee who participated in this event truly felt the coexistence of hard work and happiness, and the collective and individual conviction fully reflected the spirit of the company's employees' vigorous, high-spirited and healthy sunshine.

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