MASTON provides 67 elevators for the Innovation and Pioneer Park of Huaihua Economic Development Zone in Hunan

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2016-06-28 

MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MASTON”) will provide 67 Manston elevators for the Innovation and Pioneer Park project of Hunan Huaihua Economic Development Zone, including 21 THJ2000/0.5-JXW5/5/5 freight elevators and 21 THJ3000 /0.5-JXW5/5/5 freight elevator, 21 TKJ1000/1.0-JXW5/5/5 passenger elevators and 4 TKJ1000/1.75-JXW13/13/13 passenger elevators.

Hunan Huaihua Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level development zone in Hunan Province. It is a development park focusing on the development of modern commercial logistics and new processing industries. The Huaihua Economic Development Zone is surrounded by mountains and waters and has a beautiful environment. The Shanghai-Kunming Expressway and Baomao Expressway meet in the area. The Wushui Bridge, the Second Bridge, the Third Bridge and the Fourth Bridge are connected to the Huaihua City. The traffic location advantage is very obvious. With this cooperation, MASTON elevator will continue to adhere to the high-quality products and services, and give strong protection to the rapid development of the innovation and innovation park in the development zone.

At the same time, the goal of the Innovation and Pioneer Park of Hunan Huaihua Economic Development Zone is to adhere to the development of new industries with ecological and environmental protection, high technology content and good economic returns. MASTON elevators coincide with its "innovation, environmental protection, high technology" concept. MASTON elevator adopts German advanced technology, all-digital frequency conversion system and energy-saving technology complying with green environmental standards. It is designed for the construction of the project. The design concept of “aristocratic” is used to deal with every part and decoration style of the elevator. Become a dynamic piece of art in this building. At the same time, the elevator is equipped with German Manston proprietary communication controller, reliable and comprehensive safety components, safe, efficient, energy-saving and stable.

This time, we can cooperate with Hunan Huaihua Economic Development Zone Innovation and Pioneer Park to sign 67 elevators, which is the trust and support of customers for MASTON elevators. MASTON Elevator will always focus on the strict control of the product, quality, and detail, and continue to provide more targeted elevator products for more customers. Support project construction with professional products and excellent services to add brilliance to more urban buildings.