MASTON unveiled at the 15th 2017 Yangtze River Delta Machinery Industry Equipment Exhibition

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2017-05-27 

From May 19th to 21st, 2017, MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MASTON”) made its debut at the 15th Yangtze River Delta Machinery Industry Equipment Exhibition in 2017.

MASTON pays attention to technological innovation, deepens the brand effect, keeps pace with the times, and we are never absent from the exhibition. This is also a deepening of the industry dynamics, constantly improving the comprehensive strength of the company and providing customers with better “3T” services.

The exhibition is located in the golden area of Shanghai Economic Zone. It is one of the birthplaces of Majiahong Culture (7000 years ago). It has been an important foreign trade port on the southeast coast of China since the Tang and Song Dynasties. The business facilities of the exhibition hall are perfect. The façade is a regular rectangular shape with two floors and a basement. The unique membrane structure roof is light and active. The wall is an all-glass curtain wall, and the momentum is very magnificent. The exhibition attracted many new and old customers to come to observe and discuss cooperation.

The expo with a new perspective, advanced concept, three-dimensional cross-over advertising, multi-faceted investment appeared in front of exhibitors, providing us with one-on-one procurement model and perfect service, this gorgeous transformation, to create The top wave of the Zhejiang machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

At this big tide meeting, Manston emerged, and the unique "stretcher-type car" attracted many customers to stop, consult and negotiate, and the purchase intention was not limited. This elevator car has a tail box structure, and a folding emergency stretcher and a wheelchair are arranged in the car. When the medical emergency is urgently needed, the medical stretcher can be taken out from the car trunk and deployed for quick emergency use. Along with the increasing trend of the aging structure, the market demand has increased, and at the same time, it has met the needs of the majority of real estate developers for the care of the elderly and special needs.

In addition, another highlight of the exhibition was the large vertical circulation three-dimensional garage model. This type of parking garage has become a hot spot in the industry. It uses chain drive to drive the loading disk to run in the vertical direction. The vehicle tray is sent to the garage entrance and exit to complete the access work of the vehicle. Usually, this type of stereo garage adopts forward parking, which reduces the difficulty of parking to a certain extent. The device itself also has a variety of protection functions, and there is an infrared alarm device. Once the device warning line is exceeded, the device will automatically terminate the operation immediately. The vertical cycle three-dimensional garage is ideal for places where land resources are tight and parking spaces are in high demand.

"Customer first, service first" is MASTON's commitment to customers. The company is committed to providing customers with safer, more comfortable and more reliable verticals based on the principle of "scientific research and development, environmental protection, and human service". Move space!

The company's participation in this exhibition is to broaden the horizons, open up ideas, learn advanced, exchange and cooperation, make full use of this exhibition opportunity, exchange, communicate and negotiate with the customers and dealers who come to visit, further enhancing the brand awareness and At the same time, we will further understand the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in order to better improve our product structure and give play to our own advantages. Future development also requires us to continuously strive to jointly develop and create. From the exhibition to the end, all departments actively cooperated and paid, fully demonstrating MASTON's excellent teamwork spirit. I believe that Manston will strive for even more impressive results in the future!