MASTON semi-annual marketing work conference

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2017-07-10 

From July 7th to 8th, 2017, MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. held a “semi-annual marketing work conference” at its headquarters. Chairman Yang Xiuquan, Executive Vice President Bu Xuefei, Marketing Deputy General Manager Yang Lijun, Chairman of the Board Li Jian, and Regional Sales Director and branch managers attended the meeting. During the meeting, the MASTON elevators were summarized and analyzed in the first half of the year, and important planning was made for the market situation and marketing strategy in the second half of the year.

At the meeting, Chairman Yang Xiuquan listened carefully to the report on the completion of the sales performance in the first half of the year, the measures to achieve the sales in the second half of this year, the completion of the planned collection and the completion of the objectives, the necessary support, and suggestions for improvement. Yang Dong affirmed the achievements in the marketing work in the first half of the year, made clear the problems that need to be solved, and made important instructions for the marketing work in the next half of 2017. It must continue to seize market opportunities and steadily advance the work plan. Improve the professional level of the marketing team, practice the development strategy of MASTON elevators, and hope that all departments will carry forward the team spirit and integrate the system to create a good environment and superior conditions for marketing work.

MASTON keeps pace with the times, pays attention to research and development technology transformation, vice president and research and development consultant Mr. Zhang Guansen, in person at the conference site, combined with video, focusing on the module transformation and underground vertical circulation equipment of the old building with elevators, the basic principle is introduced in detail. .

The successful marketing meeting was held, summed up and reviewed the results of the first half of the year, and deployed the marketing plan for the second half of 2017. For the new requirements put forward by the company's chairman, vice president and general manager, all marketing units must conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the meeting, and adhere to the rigorous attitude of Germany to work, adhere to and effectively implement the strategy from strategy to tactics, improve comprehensive marketing. The ability to ensure the smooth realization of this year's marketing goals has pushed Manston to a new level.