Wenshui County Shanshui Cultural Park

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2017-08-23 

The craftsmanship spirit of MASTON Elevator has once again been recognized. In July 2017, it successfully signed 100 elevators in the fourth phase of “Shanshui Wenyuan” in Wenshui County, Shanxi Province, and the “Shanshui Wenyuan” project in Wenshui County, Shanxi Province, which was put into use in the early stage. In the second, second and third phases, 70 elevators have been accumulated, providing a total of 170 escalator products and perfect after-sales service for the project.

During the period, 36 elevators of the “Yu Ting Huafu” project in Shanxi were successfully signed. Together with the above four escalator product projects, the MASTON brand has been highly recognized in the field of Shanxi elevators, and has a far-reaching impact, with “user-centered, honest , "Excellent service" marketing concept, forge ahead. The share of products in the domestic market continues to expand and increase.

Shanxi Wenshui County is located in the central part of Shanxi Province, on the western edge of the Taiyuan Basin, west of Luliang Mountain, east of Weihe River, and the county seat is 76 kilometers away from the provincial capital Taiyuan. The county enjoys convenient transportation. The 307 National Highway runs through the north and south of the county. The Xiayu Expressway passes through the city. The county-level and township-level highways from Chengguan to Qixian and the county center are criss-crossed and run through the eastern part of the county.

The total construction area of Shanshui Wenyuan Project is 240,000 square meters. It is the core area of Wendong New District in Wenshui County and the first green eco-city in Wenshui County. It expands the urban pattern and enhances the quality of the city. The planning is mainly based on small high-rise residential and garden houses. To create a high-quality livable community, this project is one of the key local development projects.

MASTON elevators have been contributing to urbanization and continue to contribute their own strength. With its near-high quality and reliability, and the pursuit of excellence in elevator art, Manston Elevator subtly combines the characteristics of each city to create every unique project. In the context of the current construction of a new smart city, MASTON ladder puts forward the humanistic care, create a better future, innovative ideas, and better serve people in innovation, making people's mobility in the city more comfortable, for the city. Providing comprehensive transportation solutions and becoming an active promoter of urban development.

MASTON Elevator is willing to work with you to build a dream, and create a new city memory with your heart and effort!