MASTON signed the Taojiang County Elevator Project again

Editor:2018-06-23 10:22:30 │ Release Time:2018-06-23 

The elevator market is in a fierce competition, and MASTON stands out among many elevator manufacturers. This time, we will work together with Taojiang County Transportation Service Company to build a local high-quality classic residential building. The project truly ensures the implementation of the shantytown relocation and reconstruction project and realizes the “livable dream” of the shantytown. MASTON provided all the elevator products for the project, which helped the local commercial economy to develop, further improved the living and living conditions of the shantytown residents and improved the city's taste.


It is no accident that this smooth participation in this shed reform project is a manifestation of the strength of the MASTON brand. The customer visited our company in early June and visited the entire production workshop, test tower and office building. The large order was signed immediately. This is a great recognition and approval of our company. MASTON elevators constantly improve enterprise management, pay attention to product technology and quality, and only provide users with the most satisfactory products and services.