2014 employee etiquette training

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2014-04-09 

With the development and progress of society, the continuous improvement of the level of civilization, and the increasingly frequent interaction with people, civilized etiquette has become an indispensable part of people's life and business in modern society. Therefore, learning etiquette knowledge and using etiquette norms have important practical significance for improving our overall quality. Therefore, our Manston Elevator Co., Ltd. specially invited the senior senior etiquette training director, Mr. Zhu, to give a ceremonial training to our employees.

Because civility etiquette is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation, China is known as the "state of etiquette". Since ancient times, Chinese children have always placed civilized etiquette in a very important position. Nowadays, with the accelerating pace of reform, opening up and modernization, civilized etiquette is even more important. Its content and scope are all-encompassing and ubiquitous. A person's manners, expressions, talks, and things to others can show a person's quality and the overall image of a unit. Therefore, in the usual work and life, focus on four aspects: first, strengthen self-discipline and improve their service ability; second, correct their attitudes and attitudes, improve their moral cultivation; third, pay attention to learning methods and improve their etiquette level; It is to focus on learning and improve work efficiency.

Civilized etiquette training learning experience civilized etiquette training learning experience After this civilized etiquette study, we suddenly realized that we have not done a lot in the usual work, from small martial arts to civilized language, it seems that we all have Too many neglects, such as the usual problems in the usual work, the civilized language voice is too filial, facial expressions and other common problems, we do not seem to pay more attention.

Through this civilized etiquette study, we realized that the negative effects that these small problems that were usually ignored are actually brought to the car side are very large. Imagine that when the vehicle drove to our charging window, we saw a lack of energy and unclear words. The feeling of what it would be like to be a faceless fee collector, I believe that they will not have a happy mood, and even have a feeling of disgust. And what is the service tenet of our company?—“Enjoy high speed and feel sincere”, but our service attitude brings a feeling of fatigue and helplessness to the car. Does this not violate our service tenet? We are the car side ourselves. Who wants to see such a toll collector?

Therefore, I feel that we should really "focus on the details, pursue perfection" in our normal work, and strive to do everything well. Of course, this is not only a requirement for our civility and etiquette, but also a level of business. We should carefully study and master various documents on the premise of providing civilized services, and truly create a good atmosphere for the car to make them truly Feel our sincerity!

I believe that if we can all start from me, start from now, build our own image and build a good image of our company, then our life will be more colorful and our society will be more warm and harmonious.