MASTON Collective Tour of Zhongnan Baicao Park

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2017-11-03 

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, in the golden autumn of October, through the thick autumn, MASTON employees officially opened the journey of Anji·Zhongnan Baicaoyuan. The event aims to invigorate the company's atmosphere, enhance employee sense of belonging, ease work stress, promote communication and communication among employees in various departments, reflect the organizational spirit of teamwork and mutual help, enhance team cohesion, and promote corporate culture. Construction.

On October 22, the weather was fine, and the fragrance of osmanthus was fragrant. Everyone took the bus and talked all the way. The busy work in normal work turned into a leisure time for colleagues to talk about everything. In the car, the company's administrative department carefully organized activities such as knowledge-taking, singing and competition, and everyone participated in it. No one was willing to show weakness, adding a different kind of joy to the tourism event.

After 2 hours drive we arrived at the destination. Looking around, the water plants are rich, the forests are clustered, and the greenery is surrounded, and everything is vibrant. With the bright sunshine, we marched along the path, and in the slow journey, we can quietly enjoy the beautiful scenery and the visual changes. The wood-framed huts hidden in the jungle clumps brought people into the world of fairy tales. Walking in this "natural oxygen bar", feeling the natural atmosphere, people feel very comfortable.

According to the organization of the event, in order to further smelt the team and gather strength, the tug-of-war and skipping rope collective competition was carefully planned on the vast lawn of the park.

The tug-of-war competition implements the elimination promotion method. There are eight groups in total, and the order of the matches is determined by the lottery group. A long rope connects a group of people tightly together, and the whistle sounds loud. Everyone works hard together and strives for the same goal. They fight hard, and during the game, the atmosphere is extremely tense, both on and off the court. The rhythmic shouts and cheers filled the lawn and reverberated for a long time. Especially in the moment when the outcome is difficult to break, everyone does not retreat, clenched their teeth, slipped and climbed up to continue, all fighting spirits, using their sweat to explain the meaning of unity. The team's big competition has just ended. There is a rope skipping match, counts, and cheers. Everyone is busy, and the cheerleading of cheerleaders is one after another, attracting many tourists. The two games were organized in an orderly manner. After intense competition in stamina, physical strength and teamwork, the company awarded the winners. Everyone's perseverance and hard work have moved everyone in the room, which is the collective strength that the company needs.

At noon, everyone gathered for dinner. In the delicacies, everyone exchanges emotions. After tasting the sumptuous and delicious meal, the company's employees visited the park's various attractions in groups of three, five, away from the concrete building, and entered the natural beauty of the birds and flowers. The vast Baicao Garden is a national 4A-level scenic spot, with a comprehensive tourism scenic spot with the theme of “plant world, animal world and sports world”. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, we also don’t forget to take pictures and enhance each other. The emotions create a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere.

In the evening, the company employees returned to the company collectively by car. The joyful journey of the day is still vivid, although I feel a little tired, I feel very happy. During the autumn tour, everyone relaxed their body and mind, eased the pressure brought by work and life, reflected the vitality of Evergreen's team, enhanced the feelings among colleagues, and cultivated the spirit of each individual's hard work and positive and optimistic attitude towards life. .

I believe that in the future work, employees will devote themselves to their jobs with more full enthusiasm, develop together with the company, make progress together, create this warm and harmonious family, and contribute their strength to the company's vigorous development!