MASTON Elevator

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2016-09-03 

On September 1-3, 2016, the three-day “After April 2016 Sales Work Conference” was held at the headquarters of MASTON Elevator Company. Chairman Yang Xiuquan, Executive Vice President Bu Xuefei, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Yang Lijun, Assistant Chairman Li Jian et al attended the meeting. During the meeting, the MASTON elevators were summarized and analyzed in the first half of the year, and important planning was made for the market situation and marketing strategy in the second half of the year.

At the meeting, Chairman Yang Xiuquan carefully listened to the completion of the sales performance in the first half of each region, the expected sales in the next four months of this year, the expected completion of the collection and the measures taken, the support needed, and the suggestions for improvement. Wait for the report. Yang Dong affirmed the achievements in the marketing work in the first half of the year, and made clear the problems that need to be solved urgently. At the same time, he made important instructions for the marketing work in the next four months of 2016, and constantly seized market opportunities and steadily pushed forward the work. Plan and improve the professional level of the marketing team, practice the development strategy of Manston Elevator, and hope that all departments will carry forward the team spirit and integrate the system to create a good environment and superior conditions for marketing work. The company's headquarters R&D center, engineering center, legal department, sales service department and other functional departments have made detailed reports on business requirements and communicated with marketing system personnel to further strengthen inter-departmental collaboration and promote the effective achievement of marketing objectives.

On September 2nd, the company specially hired senior senior lecturer of Jiaxing Lean Management Research Institute, China Top Ten Trainer and Liu Xing teacher of China Management Society Management Contribution Award to conduct marketing professionalism and training for the company's marketing system personnel. Customer value enhancement" special training session.

In this training session, Mr. Liu Xing elaborated on the three aspects of marketing professional literacy, customer value enhancement and marketing efficiency management. The three positive aspects of marketing workers, quality service and customer satisfaction, and communication with customers are elaborated. Levels, principles of conflict resolution, efficient interview procedures, success factors in telemarketing, and expertise in using the three skills of asking questions. At the training site, whether it is experience sharing or learning exchange, everyone can speak and talk straight, face-to-face, open-ended communication and interaction, the meeting is full of practical and interesting, and the high degree of cooperation and enthusiasm among sales staff. The atmosphere is very lively, and the lively atmosphere of the scene firmly affects every heart that dances for the Manston elevator tomorrow. The marketing staff of all major regions feel that this learning exchange has benefited a lot, and said that the application of these professional knowledge to daily work will definitely improve the performance.

The successful sales meeting of MASTON elevators summarized and reviewed the problems found in the work in the first half of the year, and formulated the marketing plan for the last four months of 2016. The marketing team of the company learned the new marketing methods and the establishment of professional image. We believe that the company's marketing staff will definitely work harder and more confidently in the future, and they will be even better in the new stage.