MASTON Elevator and Xiangsheng Real Estate reached the elevator procurement cooperation of

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-03-02 

Looking back on 2017, we will experience glory together and witness the glory. Looking up to 2018, we are even more successful. In the beginning of the year, we will achieve new heights. With a perfect service system and cost-effective products, MASTON Elevator has successfully reached a strategic cooperation cooperation with Xiangsheng Real Estate Group in the “Chengsheng·Qiantang New Language” project. Xiangsheng Real Estate Group has the first-class qualification for real estate development. The project covers Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hubei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian, Anhui and other provinces and cities. It has more than 100 development projects and a land reserve of more than 10,000 mu. It has been ranked among the top 100 real estate companies in China for 8 consecutive years. Ranked 47th. This cooperation has set a new benchmark for the cooperation of MASTON Elevator in China's top 100 real estate companies.


The project of "Xiangsheng·Qiantang New Language" covers an area of about 150 mu, with a total land area of about 99,983 square meters. The total construction area is about 250,000 square meters. It has about 30,000 square meters of commercial street, the quality of Xiangsheng's craftsmanship, and the five vertical vertical greening crown. Transplantation, green invincible view window can be seen, located in the core location, prosperous business circle surrounded by convenient transportation, and with high standards of intelligent security settings and 24-hour star service system, to truly serve humanity, life With the theme of taste and management, and the theme of fun and happiness, we will fully implement the vision of letting owners enjoy the whole age of life.


In 2014, MASTON Elevator and Xiangsheng Real Estate Group have a cooperation project: Taixing Xiangsheng·Juncheng Project, a total of 61 units, located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, under the quality service of MASTON's product manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance. The elevator runs perfectly and has gained a good reputation in the local area. The “Changsheng·Qiantang New Language” of this cooperation is a high-quality residential area covering improved quality residential, supporting boutique business and exclusive school district. The MASTON elevator's Sparks 2.5m/s and 3.0m/s high-speed elevators have been applied to this project, which has far-reaching significance for the promotion and application of MASTON elevators. The successful conclusion of MASTON Elevator and Xiangsheng Real Estate Group also marks the strategic cooperation of MASTON Elevator in the top 100 real estate companies, which is more conducive to the strategic layout of potential areas in the future.


Those who fall into the real world think about it, and drink the source of their enthusiasm. MASTON takes honesty as the foundation of all values, brainstorms and innovates, and leads the new era of harmonious human habitation with the core values of quality stemming from prudence and excellence from innovation. , Da is both good for the world. In the future, MASTON elevators will continue to adhere to the development concept of fine and fine, and strengthen and expand, providing customers with more efficient, energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly elevator products and perfect after-sales service, creating a comprehensive interest community and striving for more nationwide. The top 500 real estates have reached strategic cooperation and made more and greater contributions to the realization of a strong enterprise and a strong national dream. Miracles, in fact, are another name for hard work, surprises, and will eventually emerge after unremitting efforts. 2018! Let us work together to create more miracles!