MASTON elevator successfully won the bid for Qiancheng-Park Hyatt Bay Project

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-26 

MASTON re-reported good results:

MASTON elevators have successfully obtained the procurement and installation of 36 elevator equipments of the “King Yue Wan Project” in Korla, Xinjiang, thanks to the advantages of their own products and through the strict public bidding evaluation of elevator equipment.

The Park Hyatt Bay Project is located at the junction of Korla Jianguo South Road and Karasu Road. The Hongyan River surrounds the original bay. The roads extend in all directions, and the university city is across the river. The beautiful living environment and diverse cultural atmosphere will surely develop the project into Korla. Another high quality residential area.

Park Hyatt Bay makes full use of the Hongyan River's thousands of acres of green space resources, respects the preferences of humans to choose water, and combines the new Asian architectural language with the new Chinese landscape garden style, implanting traditional Chinese culture into architecture and gardens, thus artificial beauty and natural beauty. Ingenious combination to achieve the perfect integration of Chinese traditional culture and natural environment.