MASTON promotes the installation of elevators in old buildings to improve the living environment for the elderly

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-02-03 

With the changes of the times and the rapid development of the city, most of the young people “migrate” to the newly-built community, and most of the old people living in the old city are elderly people. The old residential infrastructure is backward, and multi-storey houses without elevators are increasingly unable to adapt to the needs of the elderly. "I don't dare to go home when I go out, I don't dare to go out when I go home." "Being guilty of going up and down" has become a heart disease for many elderly people. As the aging population grows, middle and high-rise buildings without elevators do take life. There have been many inconveniences, and the appeal for the installation of elevators has also increased.




Recently, MASTON elevator provided a complete elevator solution for the family building of Qiqihar First People's Hospital, and has been officially installed and put into use. Qiqihar, don't call it Hecheng, Bu Kui. It is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province and a sub-center city of Heilongjiang Province, located in the western part of Heilongjiang Province. Qiqihar City has a flat area with an average elevation of 146 meters. It is a temperate continental monsoon climate with long winters and cool summers and autumns. This project is to add an elevator to the existing building, which is a curved sightseeing elevator. The cycle is short, from the approach to the completion of the entire project installation, lasting only 15 days. The steel structure is integrated, which has the advantages of small footprint, modular production and building block installation. This project is an elevator project for the first old building in Qiqihar. It has far-reaching influence in the local area and attracts many government leaders and real estate developers to visit.



With its own R&D and innovation capabilities, MASTON has rich experience in manufacturing and installation in retrofit elevators. It has successfully settled in many old buildings, which has brought convenience to the elderly and better responded to government policy requirements.

Earlier, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Several Opinions on Comprehensively Opening the Endowment Service Market to Improve the Quality of Endowment Services", which made important arrangements for promoting better and faster development of the aged care service industry. One of the "Opinions" emphasized the need to vigorously Improve the quality of life in the home community, improve the level of life and convenience of the elderly, effectively enhance the ability of policy support, strengthen overall planning, and improve financial support and financing policies. Through government subsidies, industry guidance and crowdfunding of owners, we will speed up the barrier-free renovation of old residential quarters and elderly families, focusing on the stone ramps, wheelchair ramps, public entrances, walkways, stairs, and elevators. Barrier-free renovation of facilities and parts such as halls and cars. The introduction of these policies for the benefit of the people reflects the government's care and attention to the elderly. For the company itself, it is a new period of opportunity.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the maturity of the building technology level, the installation of elevators in old buildings has become an age-dependent demand. MASTON keeps pace with the times and creates a new era of new elevators in existing buildings in China. It aims to revitalize the old buildings, realize the green life of the old people, accelerate the installation of old houses, and better improve the people's livelihood. Engineering.