Xiangsheng Qiantang Xinyu

Xiangsheng Industrial Group is a real estate industry leading enterprise in real estate development. It is one of the top 50 Chinese service industry enterprises in China's top 50 real estate development enterprises. It has reached strategic cooperation with our company. At present, it has signed projects to carry out Xiangsheng·Hejiayuan and Taixing Xiangsheng. · Juncheng Phase I Phase II Phase III, Xiangsheng·Qitang New Language, and plans to sign a long-term strategic agreement in the near future. After the development of the follow-up project, we will subscribe to our brand elevator.

The Qiantang New Language Project is equipped with two commercial complexes, all of which are equipped with Manston passenger elevators and escalators. The residential part is a 2.5-speed, 35-story passenger elevator