Hebei Shijiazhuang Zhanglongguoji

Products: The project selected a total of 48 self-developed elevators from Germany MASTON. Among them, there are 16 high-speed and large-duty elevators, 6 luxury business ladders, 4 unique patent-type sightseeing elevators (360° panoramic sightseeing), 2 cargo elevators, 16 escalators, and 4 automatic sidewalks.

Highlights: Hidden Dragon International is a key project of Hebei Province in 2012. It is constructed by 5A high-end office buildings and two large-scale integrated businesses. Shijiazhuang's chief low-carbon building, the provincial capital's only streamlined smart twin tower 5A office building. The project is 150 meters high and will become the first super high-rise commercial landmark in the southeast of the provincial capital.