The company organizes employee activities "Siwuling Mountaineering"

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2014-12-15 

In the winter of Hangzhou, the air is still filled with fragrant fragrance, the scenery is still so pleasant. We have been surrounded by work for too long, we have forgotten the sport, forgot to travel, and forgot the taste of nature. On December 13th, we finally looked forward to the mountaineering activities organized by the company. On this day, we brought a little mystery to the Chaoyang to the Siwuling.

We got out of the car and we were very excited. We took a brisk pace and soon arrived at the main entrance of Siwuling. Looking up, I saw the Siwuling towering into the sky, straight into the nine miles, watching this tall and green hill, making us more passionate!

Stepping on the stone ladder in the dense bamboo forest, the heart is full of excitement. But it didn't take long before I felt panting and I couldn't keep up with my physical strength. This is how long it has not been exercised, how long it has not climbed the mountain! With a mysterious desire for the top of the mountain, I walked away with the pavilion all the way, talking and laughing, so cheerful. The climate in the forest is pleasant, the mountains are beautiful, the bamboo forests are lush, the stone steps are small, and the winding path is deep. It is a rare leisure and fitness advantage.

Standing on the top of the mountain, I saw that the rivers and rivers in the distance were very spectacular, and I felt the feeling of standing in the water. The far and near scenery is unobstructed, plus some foggy clouds, looming, oh, as if in a fairyland, enjoy the beauty of nature!

In fact, people in this life, why not climb this mountain, for the unpredictable peak of life, desperately, desperate to climb up. Spend the time of your life. Only when you reach the top of the mountain can you know the scenery of the summit. However, there are very few people who really want to pay. But no matter what the outcome, we must not forget that the scenery along the way is also very beautiful.

As the saying goes: "It's easy to go up the mountain, it's hard to go down the mountain." It's really a real experience. We used to lack exercise, and our legs were already soft. When we went down the mountain, we always felt that our legs didn’t listen. It’s not easy to stick to it. I deeply understand that I can't ignore the usual exercise. Only with health can you have the opportunity to reach the heights you think of.

The one-day tour of Siwuling was completed with a full stop, enjoying the fun of climbing and feeling the beauty that can be seen everywhere in nature. With the mist and tiredness, and the happiness, along the mountain road, we quickly came to the foot of the mountain. The long-awaited trip to Siwuling was over, and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Finally, don't forget to be grateful to colleagues all the way! Mountain climbing is exercise. It is the passion of colleagues to encourage each other. In the encouragement, we can find confidence and hope, and we can work together to go to higher places without end. It is also between colleagues to deepen mutual understanding and get together and have a happy mood! Mountain climbing is also a kind of spirit! This symbolizes the spirit of Manston! A team victory!

(Author: Yu Cong - Group Personnel Department)