MASTON Elevator 2016 National Core Agent Conference was held

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2016-06-03 

MASTON Elevator 2016 National Core Agent Conference was held

On May 24th, 2016, MASTON Elevator 2016 National Core Agents Conference was held in the headquarters of the company in China and the beautiful Qiantang River.

Mr. Yang Xiuquan, Chairman of MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Ms. Bu Xuefei, Executive Vice President, Mr. Zhang Guansen, Vice President of R&D, and management leaders of sales, technology, engineering, production, etc., gathered together with outstanding core agents from all over the country to review In the past, a brilliant blueprint for development.

In 1956, MASTON elevator was founded in Hamburg, Germany. With advanced elevator technology and manufacturing technology, it quickly became a professional supplier of safe elevators on the Rhine. As a result, MASTON elevators have set a global brand road with the goal of a century-old brand. In 2004, based on the development of the Chinese market, MASTON of Germany and the elevator subsidiary of Zhejiang Kaida Ling Holding Group jointly invested in the establishment of Sino-German joint venture MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., with the core values of “model, safety and reliability”. , committed to resource sharing, and jointly create the MASTON elevator brand. At the beginning of the meeting, the guests passed the MASTON publicity video to jointly review the MASTON elevator entering China and in the fierce market competition, self-improvement, innovation and hard work, rapid growth and development, large-scale modern entity elevator base all highlights the MASTON brand to enter China. The ambition of the market.

First of all, Yang Xiuquan, the chairman of the board, made an impassioned speech, proposing the development strategy of elevator technology and the development of core services. MASTON elevators have achieved significant contrarian growth under the current severe market situation, and always attach great importance to the independent innovation of products. The 100-meter elevator test tower has been completed and the robot arm production line will be put into use one after another. Yang Dong spoke highly of every partner who has worked hard for the development of MASTON elevators in the past year, and urged us to move forward: “More and more agents joining the MASTON family are the biggest innovations for MASTON people. Awards, the achievement of brilliant achievements is certainly gratifying, but there are still more tasks and goals waiting for us. MASTON will continue to strengthen the side by side with the majority of agents and friends, win-win cooperation, and share the company's development achievements!"

The prospects are bright and inspiring, and the guests present with a warm and sincere applause.

Robert, the president of MASTON Elevator in Germany, sent a sincere greeting to everyone in Hamburg, Germany. In the future, MASTON Germany will further increase its support for Chinese companies' technology and talents, continuously innovate product lines, and continue to innovate and launch ladder types that conform to the Chinese market. Win-win cooperation and continuous expansion of brand market share will remain the same theme.

Next, Ms. Bu Xuefei, executive vice president, and the management leaders of relevant companies made important speeches, and made important explanations and guidelines on the company's current situation and future development direction, so that we are full of confidence in the future. The development of the three-dimensional garage and the launch of the new Platinum ladder gave us more confidence and pride. We know that excellent performance is inseparable from perfect policies. After this meeting, we can clearly see the future development of the company, strengthen the confidence of the agents to cooperate with each other, and look forward to the new grand blueprint.

After the meeting, the company carefully prepared a sumptuous dinner, and all the staff gathered together to express the passion and touch of the heart. From May 25th to 29th, the company's management leadership, core agents and friends will open the "Phuket Overseas Tour" together.

The MASTON elevator's national core agent conference has come to a successful conclusion, which will undoubtedly become a new starting point for manufacturers and agents to make a new milestone. In the future, under the leadership of Chairman Yang Xiuquan, with a visionary, steady and powerful leadership group, we will unite as one, unite and work together to lead a team of employees with combat effectiveness, cohesiveness and development potential, and work together professionally, conscientiously and richly. The excellent agent team of hard work spirit plays the strongest sound of MASTON brand in the elevator industry, work together and innovate the future!