MAS MASTON signed a letter, a door, Real Madrid garden project, 87 elevators

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2016-03-29 

Recently, MASTON Elevator successfully signed a contract with 87 organic guest elevators in a door of the Real Madrid Garden Project, which continued its strong momentum.

In the real estate project, MASTON elevator adopts German advanced technology, all-digital frequency conversion system and energy-saving technology complying with green environmental protection standards. It is designed for the construction of the project and handles every part of the elevator with the design concept of “aristocratic”. And the decorating style makes the elevator a dynamic art piece of architecture, adding luxury and style to the Real Madrid garden. At the same time, the elevator is equipped with German MASTON proprietary communication controller, reliable and comprehensive safety components, safe, efficient, energy-saving and stable.

Wenmen Yimen Real Estate Garden is located on the east bank of Banqiao East Road, Longquan Development Zone, Longgang Development Zone, Yaohai City, Anhui Province, covering an area of about 500 acres. The main highlight is the low-density ecological livability. The building form is mainly composed of multi-storey and small high-rise buildings. After the completion of the project, the project will become the first Mediterranean-style community in Hefei and have the best quality resources in Dongcheng.

This time, I was able to win the property project of a door, Real Madrid Garden, and it is the customer's trust and support for MASTON elevator. This is closely related to MASTON's long-term use of German advanced research and development technology, high-quality core components, strict management system, and China's strong hardware strength, excellent human resources and perfect service network. MASTON elevators will continue to adhere to the rigorous working attitude of Germany and adhere to the principle of “scientific research and development, environmental protection and humanized service”, and promise to provide customers with safer, more comfortable and more reliable vertical movement space.

In the current fierce competition environment of the elevator market, MASTON elevators have successively set up regional branches to carry out regional business development in a targeted manner. We have reason to believe that more regional landmark projects will use MASTON elevators in the near future. And MASTON elevator will also work together with more and more users, carrying dreams.