Warmly celebrate the success of MASTON Elevator 2017.

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2017-01-20 

Meihua Ying Chunhui, Jinji Baoxi is coming! On January 15, 2017, MASTON held a New Year's party with the theme of “Building Dreams – Gathering People – Winning the Future”. Mr. Yang Xiuquan, Chairman of MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Ms. Bu Xuefei, Executive Vice President, Mr. Zhang Guansen, Vice President and Consultant of R&D Department attended the annual meeting. All the staff of Manston spent an unforgettable and joyful night together. .

During the annual meeting, the company specially prepared two trainings. First, in response to the frequent occurrence of elevator accidents, our supervisor Wu combined video, explained the correct use of elevators on site, strengthened the awareness of elevator safety accident prevention, and effectively strengthened and upgraded the professional quality of Manston elevators. Second, the training of business reception etiquette, although the process is short, but benefited a lot, good proposals are worth further promotion.

At the meeting, Mr. Yang Xiuquan, Chairman of the Group, made an important speech and delivered the best wishes and most sincere greetings to all employees and their families. Thanks to all the staff of Manston for their hard work over the past year, they also confirmed the achievements. The company's overall plan for 2017; and encourage all leading cadres and employees at all levels to continue to carry forward the fine traditions of the past, work hard, go forward, and move forward firmly and steadily toward the company's established goals, and hope that each company The staff cherish the opportunities provided by us in this era, cherish the foundation and platform provided by our company, and create brilliance for the company and employees themselves in the next year. Ms. Bu Xuefei, Executive Vice President, delivered a New Year message to comprehensively summarize the overall work of the company in 2016. All employees have spent an extraordinary year together, with hardships and achievements. In the environment of 2017, which is full of challenges and opportunities, All departments of the company should strengthen cooperation and strive to complete various operational indicators and further lay the company's brand value. The speeches of the top leaders are full of deep feelings and inspiring people, and will definitely boost the work in 2017 to a new level.

In the beautiful moment of the old age and the new year, the evening organized a variety of cultural performances in different forms. The chorus "The Family Who Loves Each Other" sang the happiness of unity and friendship between employees; the song "Happy Home", "Mother" sang the cheerful mood of the employees; the comedy performance of the sales department conveyed the atmosphere of joy to every employee; the guitar played "Green Sleeve", the atmosphere is delicate and delicate, and it is a beautiful tomorrow for MASTON business. Write a new song.

The awards and lottery sessions of outstanding employees set off the climax of this annual meeting. It is the role model of such an excellent team that inspires everyone's spirit of arrogance and high spirits. Unity is strength, let us go to 2017 and imagine a new one. The arrival of the year.

The performances of the whole show are ups and downs, and everyone's performances show the innovative, pragmatic and confident style of MASTON people and the excellent qualities of Manston employees. The feast of the MASTON family brought us laughter and laughter, and it also brought colleagues closer to each other.

All members enjoyed a sumptuous dinner to celebrate the new year. The entire annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.

2016, full of memories, has passed, and the year of hope and challenge is quietly coming. In the past year, we have had a hard time and a full harvest. In the face of 2017, we are full of enthusiasm, passion, and a broader territory waiting for us to explore. More spectacular careers are waiting for us to shed our wisdom and talents. Let us work together with confidence and courage to write a brighter future!