Haining City Safety Supervision Bureau

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-06-23 

On June 21st, the “Safe Production Month” open class organized by Haining City Safety Supervision Bureau was successfully held in our company MAST....



The leaders of the enterprises and the production leaders of the high-tech zone participated in the training of the open class. The directors and section chiefs of the Safety Supervision Bureau successively arrived at our company. I am very honored that this time as a manufacturer of the company, I was invited to arrange the reception of this training event.



In June this year, it was the seventeenth safe production month and organized an open class for safety production. The aim was to further publicize and implement safety production laws and regulations, popularize safety production knowledge, and improve the safety awareness and safety quality of our company's production safety management and production operations.


On-site training is a boon for the company. I am very grateful to the city leaders for choosing our company for training and exchange, especially for the support of the leaders. MASTON has adhered to the training content, puts safety production at the top of its priorities and puts it into action, realizing the safe production of enterprises and promoting the stable and stable production situation.

Through safety publicity and popularization of safety knowledge, employees' awareness of safety work is enhanced to a certain extent, and employees' safety awareness and prevention capabilities are enhanced.