MASTON Safety Production Training

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-05-07 

Safety production is the life of an enterprise, and training is an effective way for companies to save costs. "Safe production, people-oriented" is the scientific development concept of the enterprise and a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise. Always paying close attention to safety production is the inheritance of the corporate culture under the ten-year accumulation of MASTON, and it also escorts every MASTON family.

In accordance with the company's established annual training plan, the “Safety Production Training Session” was held as scheduled on April 30th. The training will be hosted by Hu Wei, the company's safety production in-house trainer. The production department, quality inspection department, delivery center, warehouse center, equipment department and other production system staff are all members of the staff.

The training content is mainly divided into three parts:

The first part strengthens the promotion of security awareness

The security instructor began to introduce the well-known "Titanic" sinking event as the beginning of the awareness of safety production. The Titanic, known as "never sinking", tells us the truth at the cost of more than 1,500 passengers and crew: the danger is the greatest danger. Life is the source of everything. Life is precious. It gives each of us only one disposable power. If we lose it, we will never return. In the training, combined with the characteristics of the company's production structure, using the information platform of the network, newspapers, and government to bring out some typical cases, through the analysis of the case, to achieve the purpose of strengthening employees' safety awareness.

The second part analyzes the specific requirements of security risk management and hidden danger investigation and management

In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the State Council and the Provincial Security Committee for the implementation of the dual prevention mechanism for the implementation of the guidelines for the prevention of major accidents, Jiaxing is a pilot of the operation of the “double control” prevention system for national security risk control and hidden danger investigation and management. The double control system has made corresponding regulations for the operation of the prevention system. In order to implement the specific requirements of the governments at all levels, the safety internal trainer has made a corresponding analysis of the specific requirements for the operation of the “double control” prevention system. Everyone listened very seriously. I believe that on the basis of standardization, the company will further construct two “firewalls” (risk control and hidden danger investigation and management) to prevent production safety accidents, and effectively control each type of risk within an acceptable range. In the beginning of the formation of each hidden danger, each accident is eliminated in the bud, and the real thing is to move forward and prevent, and effectively prevent accidents.

Part III Strengthening specific safety production protection measures

Let safety be a habit, let habits make you safer, security awareness needs to be converted into safe behavior, and it makes sense to develop good safety habits. The accident must be caused by hidden dangers; but it does not mean that all safety hazards will lead to accidents, and any safety accidents can be prevented. Therefore, the implementation of safety production protection measures is a necessary means to prevent safe production. During the training, the internal trainer from the identification of the "four-color map" of security risk management to the scientific equipment and wearing requirements of the protective equipment for each post, in-depth explanation of the safe operation procedures of the company's positions and a series of management systems for safe production. The implementation of the revision provides a scientific concept for everyone to better arm and protect themselves in safe production.

After the meeting, the written test was used to evaluate the training effect of all participants. From the evaluation results, the training achieved the expected results. However, as a MASTON person, we recognize that the assessment of training is only a form. In daily production, it is a real assessment of our safety to prevent potential safety hazards and to eliminate safety hazards as much as possible. In peace of mind, strengthen the concept of safety development, start from me, build a security line, we firmly believe that under the leadership of Chairman Yang Xiuquan, with the joint efforts of all our Manston family, we will certainly wind and wave, and move forward!