MASTON elevators settled in the Bruce Head Estate Project

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2016-03-20 

MASTON elevator brand has been favored by excellent real estate companies all over the country for a long time. In March, MASTON successfully won the Mianyang Bruce Head Estate Project. Hyde Manor is located in the high-tech zone of Mianyang City, and it is the place of “upward and high water”. In this cooperation, MASTON will provide 45 organic guest elevators and related installation maintenance services for the project.

The south side of Bruce Head Estate is adjacent to the Anchang River, to the west is the built Bruce Nobel Bay, and to the north is the Puming Mountain Scenic Area. The project covers a total area of about 114 acres and a total construction area of about 220,000 square meters. The architectural style of the project is British neo-classical style, applying British elements, from the commercial club (marketing center) to the Linjiang commercial belt, from the garden house to the high-rise tower, the British elements always run through the design. Hyde Manor is the overall closing project of Bruce International New Town, and it is also an upgrade of the entire Bruce.

In this project, MASTON elevator adopts dynamic PWM modulation technology to ensure the running effect of the motor. High-precision encoder and start-up compensation technology make the elevator smooth and precise. All-round safety components are applied to protect every trip. Full-closed advanced frequency conversion door machine, intelligent energy-saving system, will provide safe and reliable high-quality elevator products for this project.

Under the rigorous management system and strong hardware strength of MASTON, MASTON Elevator will fully support the construction of the project and jointly create a residential form combining Hyde Manor Garden House and high-rise tower. Its advanced R&D technology and high-quality core components also make the MASTON elevator brand well-known in Mianyang and even in Sichuan. The brand promotion of MASTON is developing step by step. The company's popularity is constantly improving and it is moving towards higher goals.

MASTON will continue to optimize its R&D, manufacturing, service and quality, continuously innovate, and achieve strategic partnership with more real estate companies. It is committed to providing more environmentally friendly and safer elevator products for passengers and jointly improving the level of the elevator industry. Further promote the development of China's urbanization process.