MASTON Elevator Expertise Enhancement Training Session

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2016-03-01 

From February 24th to 28th, MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. held a five-day elevator professional knowledge upgrading training meeting, which carried a rich harvest and concluded a successful conclusion. The training carefully arranged by MASTON Elevator Company allows the employees of the Contract Evaluation Department, Engineering Department and Sales Department who participated in the training to truly feel the company's enthusiasm and sincere help, and further improve the professionalism of MASTON employees.

In this training, Wu led the staff to understand the many important professional knowledge about the elevator. Mainly from the basic understanding of elevators, elevator civil engineering, machinery and electrical, elevator installation and maintenance, let employees have a systematic and complete learning of the elevator, and can be used more accurately In my daily work.

The elevator is a fixed device that uses electric power as a driving force to transport passengers or cargo cars and runs between rigid guide rails on either side of a vertical or vertical inclination angle of not more than 15°. Regarding the civil engineering of elevators, Wu supervisor emphasized the several knowledge of civil engineering knowledge that elevator sales personnel should possess. These include the ability to read the company's standard hoistway layout drawings; identify the architectural drawings associated with the elevator, and find drawings and related parameters related to the elevator shaft in the construction drawings provided by the customer. As well as mastering some commonly used architectural terms and related knowledge related to elevator shafts, this is beneficial to the effective communication between elevator sales personnel and architectural design and construction personnel. For example: the meaning of professional names such as beams, columns, foundations, lintels, ring beams, ox legs, main ribs, stirrups, scissors walls, concrete markings, etc. For the mechanical and electrical aspects of the elevator, Wu supervisor introduced the functional classification of the elevator main engine and the safety circuit of the elevator for the employees. The safety circuit includes the safety circuit switch and the door lock circuit. The four safety components of the elevator include speed limiters, safety gears, bumpers and door locks. Regarding the installation and maintenance of elevators, employees need to understand the skills and taboos of elevator installation, maintenance and inspection. This has important guiding significance for improving the operation skills of elevator installation and maintenance inspectors and effectively preventing the occurrence of various lifting accidents.

At this training meeting, Wu supervisors dedicated their duties and comprehensively and systematically explained the relevant professional knowledge of the elevators to the employees, so that employees can always remember the importance and rigor of their work, and they must not be sloppy. MASTON employees deeply understand that they must work hard in their own jobs, and actively improve their professional ability by actively participating in the company's training sessions and self-learning, so as to better put the learned industry knowledge into their own work and work. Do your best, and keep on innovating and making progress.

MASTON has always been adhering to the tenet of “Quality comes from rigor, excellence comes from innovation”. We are convinced that active and innovative MASTON employees are the key to providing our customers with the best products and services. The company will also continue to carry out a series of training sessions, so that employees of all departments of MASTON have the opportunity to acquire more work skills, constantly meet and exceed the needs of customers, and make unremitting efforts to become a global boutique elevator provider!