What are the drawbacks of the damage to the protective door of the passenger elevator?

Editor:曼斯顿电梯(浙江)有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-06-03 

In recent years, safety accidents of building construction elevators have occurred frequently. Among them, accidents caused by defects in construction elevator protection doors account for a large proportion. We have summarized two reasons through past accidents and hope to help everyone.

First, the construction elevator protection door is not closed at will. The construction elevator protection door adopts a fence structure. It is difficult to control or ensure that the elevator car is always closed in the non-stop state. Since it can be opened by the staff at any time, the simplest The solution is to lock the protective door of each floor, which is directly controlled by the elevator driver. When the elevator car arrives, it opens the upper person. However, this method of operation is cumbersome. If the elevator driver is afraid of trouble or at the peak of the operation, it is often difficult to adhere to it for a long time, and the maneuverability is poor. Because of this, it will cause accidents to occur frequently.

Second, the floor protection door that stops at the elevator is too low to ensure safety. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the production height of the floor protection door should reach 1.2 meters, which meets the safety requirements. The actual situation is that when the floor safety door is at this height, the staff waiting for the elevator often cannot help but look up. If you do not pay attention to observation, it is running. The elevator car will cause a crushing accident when passing through the floor.