What you need to know about elevator safety

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Whether you are going home or shopping at the mall, you have to take the elevator. While the elevator gives us great convenience, it may also pose a life-threatening safety risk due to improper use of the elevator or failure of the elevator. Therefore, as a modern person, you must understand the safety knowledge related to elevators and provide more protection for you and your family.

First, the safety knowledge of the normal elevator

1. When calling the elevator, the passenger only needs to press the call button in the direction of the direction. Do not press the up and down direction buttons at the same time to avoid the useless parking of the car and reduce the total transportation efficiency of the elevator. At the same time, this is also to avoid the wrong operation of the safety device, causing the passenger to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator.

2. When waiting for the elevator, keep a certain distance from the elevator door. Before entering or leaving the elevator car, please confirm whether the car is level, whether the car or hall door is safely opened, be sure to see it again, wait for the elevator to stop. Steady, go out after the door opens.

3. When the elevator door is opened, do not put your hand on the door panel to prevent the door from being crushed when the door panel is retracted. When the elevator door is closed, do not put your hand on the edge of the door, so as not to affect the closing action and even crush the finger; When you are a child, you should use your hand to hold the child or take the elevator. Do not block the movement of your door with your hands or body when opening or closing the door. Pay special attention to prevent clothing or other belongings from being caught by the elevator door. Please pay attention to the sound signal after entering the elevator to prevent the elevator from overloading or over-running.

4. When in the car, don't jump in the elevator. There are many safety protection switches on the elevator car. If you jump in the car, the car will be seriously tilted, which may cause the protection switch to move and protect the elevator. status. Once this happens, the elevator will stop in an emergency and easily cause trapped personnel to be trapped.

5. When entering the elevator door, many people often used to block the door in order to wait for others to ride together. Although this is not dangerous, if you press the time is too long, the elevator control part will think that the elevator has failed, and may alarm or even stop. So the more appropriate way is to press the button to open the door after you enter. It is particularly important to remind that some people are standing at the elevator door and blocking the elevator door. This is very dangerous. Because the inside of the elevator is safe, the outside is also safe. But you are standing at the junction of these two spaces. If it happens at this time, everyone's saying is called opening the door, and this person will be cut. So this is a very dangerous location, don't stay at this junction.

6. When taking the escalator and the moving walkway, tie the laces before the ride and pay attention to loose (towing clothing, such as long skirts, dresses, etc.) to prevent being hung by the step edges, comb plates, aprons or inner covers. Hey. At the escalator or moving walkway entrance and exit, passengers should ride in order, do not push each other, especially when there are elderly people, children and those with weak vision. When passengers step on the step-level horizontal running section at the entrance of the escalator step, they should pay attention to the feet leaving the edge of the step and standing in the yellow safety warning frame of the step pedal. Do not step on the junction of the steps to prevent the steps from falling to the inclined section due to the height difference between the front and rear steps. When riding, you should stand in the direction of the step movement and hold the handrails in one hand to prevent the body from falling due to accidents such as emergency stop or other people pushing. If the handrail is out of sync with the step due to a malfunction, be careful to adjust the position of the hand at any time. At the escalator or moving walkway step exit, the passenger should move quickly with the stepping motion and rest on the front panel across the comb plate to prevent tripping or shoe gripping. Do not stay at the escalator or moving walkway exits to avoid affecting the arrival of other passengers.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use and take the elevator without safety inspection mark or safety inspection qualified mark exceeding the expiration date; it is strictly forbidden to carry flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and corrosive objects to take the elevator; It is strictly forbidden to take the elevator when there is a natural disaster such as a fire or an earthquake and when there is a clear prohibition sign.

Second, the safety knowledge of the elevator after the failure

1. The situation of the elevator causing the trapped person: Please be sure to keep calm, maintain physical strength, the car is naturally ventilated and tightly attached to the building, there is no danger of suffocation and falling. In this case, the elevator emergency call device should be used to contact or pass the property. Other communication tools call the maintenance emergency phone to contact the outside world, wait for professional rescue, and do not force the door to open.

2, the elevator door failure situation: If the elevator suddenly stops, first do not panic, you can try to continue to press the door open button, and call the elevator maintenance unit's service phone through the intercom or mobile phone in the elevator for help. You can also pass the trapped information to the outside world by calling for help, not to force the door or try to climb out from the car roof.

3, the situation of the car pendant: If the elevator suddenly falls, you can press each layer of the button from bottom to top, and choose a corner that does not rely on the door, knees bent, the body is in a half-turn posture, try to maintain balance, there is Children should hold their children in their arms (the ligament is the only tissue in which the body is rich in elasticity, so the knees are bent and crooked to withstand the pressure of the heavy shock, and the cushioning is increased, which is more able to withstand the pressure than the bones.).

4, the elevator appears suddenly and slowly and abnormal vibration, jitter, scraping situation: When taking the elevator, found that the elevator has overspeed or slower speed, or abnormal vibration, jitter, scraping, should be pressed The red emergency stop button on the plate will automatically stop the elevator and notify the elevator maintenance personnel in time.