2014 MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. professional literacy and foreign etiquette training

Editor:MASTON Elevator (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2014-05-13 

The spring breeze of the spring of March has slowly passed away, and we are about to usher in the summer of the lotus leaf. It has been more than a month since the company’s etiquette training last time. In view of the success of the last training, we continued to organize this professional literacy and external etiquette training for our employees.

We are a first-class company, so we must have a first-class corporate image. The rise or fall of corporate image has an important impact on the changes in corporate sales. Customers obviously like to buy products from companies with good public image. The personal image, as an important part of the corporate image, is not a personality, it bears the impression of an organization; it is a tool to communicate with customers; and it affects the development of the company to a large extent. A good personal image conveys a message to the customer, that is, quality products and excellent service, and the result of this information transmission is a significant increase in customer trust. Jack Welch and other world-leading business leaders all regard their image as the company's brand, and they all pay attention to the etiquette and professional image of the employees.

    In today's increasingly fierce competition, more and more companies and employees recognize the importance of professional image and business etiquette to corporate image and personal image. So this professional quality training is to:

1. Help employees establish good professional thinking and awareness.

2. Targets and requirements for employee career planning

3. Inspired the awareness and thoughts of employees and enterprises to grow together and share their destiny.

4. Understand the importance of the team and organization to their own life.

5. Face the future work and life with a positive and healthy attitude.

After the employees have a certain professional quality, and then the training of the external etiquette, the first is to meet etiquette (shake, call, greeting, introduction, exchange business cards). The following is a detailed explanation of the seven aspects.

1. Master the spatial distance of etiquette in international communication

2, greeting etiquette - a greeting to convey the inner voice

3, handshake etiquette - Your Handshake Speaks Volumes About You

4, the title etiquette - different cultures of different names

5, self-introduction etiquette - generous, full of confidence

6, introduce other people's etiquette - to know who to introduce first

7, business card exchange etiquette - is a micro-CV, but also a friendly bond in interpersonal relationships

Next is the reception etiquette:

1, ushered in the details of the delivery - the details determine success or failure

2, meeting etiquette

Participants etiquette - punctual, quiet

Host etiquette - take care of the overall situation

Speaker etiquette---short summary

Appreciation etiquette - coordination with the atmosphere

Reception etiquette in the conference room--respecting the drink etiquette

Sending etiquette---remaining aftertaste

Business Banquet Etiquette - Understanding the Differences Between East and West

Carefully arrange time, place, menu (not expensive as the primary standard)

Western etiquette - do not violate the feeling of each other

Drinking etiquette---not persuading

After the employees have a good professional quality, etiquette training etiquette plays a very important role in our daily life and work, teaching us how to do things in a highly competitive workplace. For a person, etiquette is an external manifestation of a person's level of thought, cultural accomplishment, and communicative ability. For a company, etiquette is a reflection of corporate civilization, morality, and living habits. We firmly believe that the staff of Manston will be better and better, and the company will paint a brighter life for its own life!